Doors of Paris

“Comme tout devient concret dans le monde d’une âme quand un objet, quand une simple porte vient donner les images de l’hésitation, de la tentation, du désir, de la sécurité, du libre accueil, du respect ! On dirait toute sa vie si l’on faisait le récit de toutes les portes qu’on a fermées, qu’on a ouvertes, de toutes les portes qu’on voudrait rouvrir.

“How concrete everything becomes in a world of the spirit, when an object, a mere door, can give images of hesitation, temptation, desire, security, welcome and respect.  If one were to give an account of all the doors one has closed and opened, of all the doors one would like to re-open, one would have to tell the story of one’s entire life.”

-Gaston Bachelard, French Philosopher, La poétique de l’espace. (The Poetics of Space)



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Wrinkled Kidneys

Tiny, detailed patterns make their way across the surfaces of soaking kidney beans. The natural, organic lines and the fluidity of movement give me a renewed appreciation for the nuanced individuality of nature; the way water creates waves in everything it touches. The skins of the beans evolve into warped map-like patterns as water is absorbed. They begin to bear resemblance to organs, veins, and arteries while revealing the natural textures of things structured by water.




























Imprinted Skin

Each day these lines emerge and disappear on our bodies, marking the passage of time; a constant reminder that our clothes are too tight, our lives too sedentary. Our skin is embossed with a temporary memory as these patterns are stamped into our bodies day after day, clothing digging into skin, marks and lines etching themselves on our bodies as we sit motionless. These unnatural patterns slide across the smooth surface of skin, leaving ephemeral marks that will return again and again.


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